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Real-time tracking the most interesting man in the world.

Explorer, educator and adventurer Mike Horn is truly the most interesting man in the world. From a self-supported exploration through the Amazon River far before modern technology was a security blanket to his current mission in which he will sail, walk, nordic ski and climb from pole-to-pole 24,000 miles and 6 continents over a 2+ years time, Mike Horn is beyond what most men in Denver aspire to be, and can walk the talk to prove it.

BLKDG was recently invited by Inkwell to help Mike design and build an interactive map to help followers visualize the daily updates sent via Satellite phone, as well as updates to his journal with more in depth accounts of his time at sea.

Awards Won:

Services Provided:

  • Custom User Interface Design
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Identity + Iconography + Typography
  • Interactive Mapping + GPS Data Functionality

"It’s been considered by some to be among the greatest expeditions of all time."

Map Interface featuring real-time map pindrops.

Using Mike's Delorme GPS and correlating API, we were able to use a real-time feed of Mike's location. Overlaying his location on Google Maps allowed for the user to zoom in on the action.

Follow Mike's story.

Each location tied directly into the content management system, allowing Mike and his crew to share stories along the way.

Connect with Mike on Twitter

A Twitter modal allowed for users to Tweet with Mike, sending him and his crew positive vibes and asking questions along the way.

3 Things You Should Know

For starters,

The entire Pole 2 Pole expedition is nothing short of amazing and a huge inspiration to us all.


BLKDG developed a custom interface leveraging data available from Delorme GPS and Google Maps.


The website won an award for Best Celebrity/ Fan website design at the 2017 W3 Awards.


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