We’ve long recognized the importance of an intuitive and frictionless mobile website experience, but as BLKDG’s responsive design capabilities continue to grow beyond the basic parameters of simple CSS and styling there is a noticeable dent in purchase or conversion data at the mobile level.

In a recent article published by the team at Smart Insights, the majority of online purchase is still being handled at the desktop level, mostly due to inconsistent payment gateways, fear of network safety, or simply the inconvenience of time it take to make it through a checkout.

According to the article,

“Mobile now makes up the majority of visits across the web, but this is not the case for ecommerce. Because of the fiddly nature of payment forms, mobile accounts for slightly over 1/3rd of all ecommerce visits. If your rate of mobile traffic is lower than this it might be worth seeing if your site needs further optimisation for mobile. Responsive design should be your first priority, and if this is already in place then it may be worth a bit of user testing to see if the customer journey is as smooth on mobile as it is on desktop.”