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BLKDG lands Gold, Silver at the W3 Awards
posted on September 26th, 2014 | by Jonathan Georger

BLKDG lands Gold, Silver at the W3 Awards

We are beyond stoked and humbled to see hard work pay off this month after being awarded two W3 Awards. Thank you to our amazing clients and designers who allow us to bring such amazing interface and web experiences to life. We truly believe in a matching web functionality with great design, delivering a finished product that stands up for itself, no matter the device or browser from which it’s called from. Thanks for everyone that helped make these projects happen – and especially to our clients that put in just as much hard work into delivering such amazing content. Both websites are custom WordPress builds.


PatrickDempsey.com – GOLD Best Personal Website


IsaacsonSchool.org – SILVER Best Education Website


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