I first heard about Camp9600 halfway through my second IPA, chatting with a friend at a brew pub in Boulder. A humble guy in his own right, he casually told me about this “conference” in Breck where some of the most iconic brands gather to spill the goods on digital marketing strategy and methodology. I had to check it out.

Fast forward –

Sharing that concert last night on Instagram – on Snapchat. Announcing your new job on LinkedIn. It’s all broadcast. It’s all a new kind of narrative. It’s all storytelling.

Someone once told me, ‘brands are becoming more human, and humans are becoming brands.” Truth.

What’s interesting to me are the types of technology, platforms and tools being used to tell stories [digitally]. Today offers access to an incredibly immersive experience, told through a combination of words, pictures and film.

4 Main Topics to Consider:
– deep linking
– app indexing
– pr is an seo strategy
– situational template design for mobile i.e. Trail maps  content 65% of pageviews, needs to function like an app for mobile.
– the goal is to create more interaction
– speed is huge
– 360 degree photos
– Facebook Live, Twiiter Periscope, Snapchat, i.e. “Create a connection to culture via live content”
– VR (gearVR + Samsung)
   – brands are sponsoring content (refinery29)
– next level data viz and interpretation of a story
– API (application program interface) – a main line to the database of all things interesting, push and pull. Adding more diversity to standard web development efforts and capabilities. It’s likely to find an a WordPress plugin to access an API.
– storytelling data (images, weather, maps, location, vert, speed)
– transactional data (shipping, checkout/credit card, ecommerce/products)
– wearables – understanding habits and routines, i.e. Under armor health box
– Experimentation across all platforms is only getting better.
– lighter dev, faster speeds, wide adoptive web protocols,